Cybersecurity and Compliance Services Company MegaplanIT Holdings, LLC will be relocating to a new office space in the Cavasson East building, located at 18700 N. Hayden Road in North Scottsdale, Arizona. “We are excited about our upcoming move to the brand new 460,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Cavasson East building,” says MegaplanIT CEO, Michael Vitolo.

Mr. Vitolo adds that MegaplanIT will leverage its new physicality to host local conferences and tech talks, providing the community with the opportunity to build their networks in Cyber security and to become better informed about the latest trends in security and compliance.

“We plan on building upon our current Security Operations Center in order to provide our clients with the tools and visibility to advance their techniques in monitoring threats,” Mr. Vitolo continues. “At MegaplanIT we leverage a range of industry-leading tools to monitor, identify, and alert on threats for our clients. Our ability to provide customers with visibility into how this is performed is essential to the success and trust we gain from our clients on the services we provide.”

The company invites potential new clients to visit them at their new location to experience the services they provide first-hand. This personalized experience allows clients the opportunity to meet the MegaplanIT team and become more familiar with the tools and techniques that are available for their environment. The new location offers a number of advantages, including easy access to resources and the convenience of numerous hotels and restaurants in the area.

A ribbon-cutting event will be held to celebrate the company’s growth, to which clients and local representation will be invited. The official opening ceremony is expected to take place sometime in Q3 of 2022. For more information, visit the website at

About MegaplanIT

MegaplanIT is a Security Testing, Compliance Assessment, Managed Security (MDR) firm specializing in over 48 technically advanced services designed to protect cardholder and other sensitive data, secure in-scope networks, systems, and web/mobile applications, to ensure that organizations are both secure and compliant. The company’s security consultants and compliance auditors are fully certified across multiple disciplines and have decades of experience helping businesses stay protected against an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

MegaplanIT prides itself on its success in building long-term relationships with its clients and provides a holistic service offering to meet customers’ security and compliance needs while outlining a path to continued improvements within their internal security programs.